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iseetigers is a Brighton-based collective of film-makers. We collaborate with creative folk all over the Southeast on projects big and small, from music videos, animation, art collaboration and shorts to features and corporate films. 

Sat Oct 10 15:29:24
RT @deerhoof: the latest in an ongoing series of photos indicating the proper use of our music
Sat Oct 10 14:01:04
Listening to a bit of @deerhoof while DIYing. Putty on, dude.
Sat Oct 10 10:27:51
@oneinchbadge @PatternsBTN Hi, any support news or set times for this? Cheers.
Fri Oct 09 19:17:09
I dreamt of this bird landing on my bird table last night. His wife turned up too.
Fri Oct 09 11:45:55
RT @rhodri: Just stumbled across this on Facebook. No idea who did it, but it’s important that the information is passed on.…
Thu Oct 08 18:48:47
RT @OnePerfectShot: Paramount just uploaded 150 free films to YouTube From classics to cult.
Thu Oct 08 09:56:55
@Cassetteboy that's what's putting me off making a digital puppet of him.
Tue Oct 06 15:49:38
RT @younghusband1: WE HAD OUR GUITARS STOLEN! ::(( Please retweet
Tue Oct 06 14:30:59
@residentmusic @TheHauntLive @oneinchbadge I was hoping this was coming to Brighton.
Tue Oct 06 11:56:33
@oneinchbadge thankyou! :)