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iseetigers is a Brighton-based collective of film-makers. We collaborate with creative folk all over the Southeast on projects big and small, from music videos, animation, art collaboration and shorts to features and corporate films. 

Mon Aug 29 22:48:38
Working on some backdrops for @sshband's upcoming tour. A grab of the latest.
Mon Aug 29 22:36:20 We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. Thankyou Gene (and Richard)
Fri Aug 26 19:29:39
RT @sshband: Video. Soon. #TheDeep #SuchSmallHands #iseetigers
Thu Aug 25 14:06:16
My dentist's local radio playing House of Pain was just not funny at all.
Sun Aug 21 16:28:57
@iseetigers (Landis directed Kentucky Fried Movie)
Sun Aug 21 16:28:03
I see a poster for Airplane! was in the subway scene, I've not noticed that before. Has to be placement due to KFM!
Sun Aug 21 16:16:27
@_Fuzzy_Dunlop_ I've already got it teed up.
Sun Aug 21 15:21:53
Released 35 years today, and in my top 5. Tortured me as a young teen, has amazed me ever since.
Sun Aug 21 14:43:35
In the middle of a project I create something I can't take my eyes off.
Fri Aug 19 23:25:44
@residentmusic @ColdPumas @thehopeandruin @dictionarypud they sure did. The album is very exciting.