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iseetigers is a Brighton-based collective of film-makers. We collaborate with creative folk all over the Southeast on projects big and small, from music videos, animation, art collaboration and shorts to features and corporate films. 

Mon Apr 27 16:57:52
RT @cyriakharris: Animation tip: if you make your music 150bpm the beat falls every 10 frames (at 25fps). Handy bpm/frame calculator: http:…
Sun Apr 26 16:56:48
@xenosdevalley Do it!
Sat Apr 25 08:53:42
@suspirialex it's the music, the menace. And Chan Wook Park's palette and patterns make it flower.
Sat Apr 25 08:46:59
@suspirialex love that film
Sat Apr 25 08:46:28
It's my birthday. Time for some weeding in the garden #iknowhowtoparty
Fri Apr 24 18:26:22
@ellie_ford_ it's probably best x
Fri Apr 24 18:14:45
@ellie_ford_ sorry.
Fri Apr 24 10:02:27
@residentmusic @BlackGrape2015 @concorde_2 Oh my father's father's father's father by nature he was bendy ....
Wed Apr 22 12:56:39
Just picked up @deathwaltzrecs Big Bad Wolves OST LP. Happy.